Dear guests! Please, spare a few minutes to provide feedback on our museum. It will help us make your next visit even better!

Evaluate each aspect set out below with a mark from 1 to 5,
with 1 being the minimum and 5 the maximum:

1. How interesting and relevant did you find our information billboards?
2. Did you feel comfortable during your visit?
3. How do you evaluate extra services provided by our museum?
4. What do you think of our e-services?
5. Did you find our schedule conveniet?
6. Do you think our museum provides a good access for physically-challenged visitors?
7. Do you think our staff observe the schedule?
8. How do you evaluate our sevice delivery?
9. Did you find our employees friendly and helpful?
10. Did you find our guides competent?
11. Please, evaluate your overall impression from our museum.
12. How did you find our facilities and resources?
13. What do you think of the printed materials we publish?
14. How do you find our Internet site?