Memorial monuments

The exhibition is dedicated to the monument "Memory to Kuzbass Miners". When governor Aman Tuleyev asked the famous sculptor Ernst Neizvestny to create a statue in honour of all those people who lost their lives in the local mines, he said: "Ernst, I want you to remember: in each light bulb on Earth, there is a drop of miner's blood."
In 2013, ten years after the opening of the monument, the author sent a letter to the people of Kemerovo: “My friends! Ten years have passed since we opened the Monument together. I know that I made it exactly the way that I wanted. I know that people visit the Krasnaya Gorka. I know that people love my Miner. And I am so glad that I have done it for you! May God bless the wise people who stood at the origins of my Miner's Angel. Your Ernst Neizvestny, New York, August 2013". The exhibition also presents a commemorative coin (925 silver, nominal value – 1 New Zealand dollar) and a post envelope that depicts the monument.
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