School antiques

Did you know that before some genius invented the ballpoint pen, people had been writing with bird feathers for twelve centuries?
Make a fascinating insight into the history of school traditions! Why did they prefer goose feathers and not, say, those of an ostrich? How did they make ink? What did people write on when they had no paper? What did classrooms and school uniforms look like in the past? How do you write in space? Would you like to be able to write with those goose feathers? What about metal quills? We’ll make sure you will!
The workshop is a part of our large educational project “Museum +”. Kids will get a cool old-style XIX century certificate with grades for each workshop they have followed. At the end of the school year, the best participants will receive valuable prizes and the title of "A Native Kemerovite".
The workshops given to groups of children, or children and adults.
Event time
45 minutes
from 5 years
Number of persons
15-26 kids
+7 (3842) 45-46-46

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