Museum in your Suitcase

What does a suitcase do? It helps you move things. Many people think that a museum is a place to store things that do not need to be moved, and most of these items cannot be touched.
Our “Museum in a Suitcase” is a series of children's programs on various topics have only one thing in common: they feature exhibits that fit in a suitcase. For example, an old camera: you will get a glimpse into the history of photo-making and enjoy an origami workshop. Or a rag doll: what did rag doll amulets mean to our ancestors? Make your own rag doll and find out.  Materials are provided by the museum.
The workshop is a part of our large educational project “Museum +”. Kids will get a cool old-style XIX century certificate with grades for each workshop they have followed. At the end of the school year, the best participants will receive valuable prizes and the title of "A Native Kemerovite".
The workshops given to groups of children, or children and adults.
Event time
45 minutes
from 5 years
Number of persons
15-26 kids
+7 (3842) 45-46-46

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