A Tiny Great Country

Once upon a time engineer Sebald Rutgers arrived from the far-distant Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Siberian wilderness. He dreamed that one day people of different nationalities would live and work together. And his dream came true...
Our program “A Tiny Great Country ” is dedicated to the history of the Netherlands, whose people made a significant contribution to the development of the Kemerovo coal industry. Shoulder to shoulder, the Dutch worked with hundreds of other foreigners in the Autonomous Industrial Colony Kuzbass. Children will learn about the national traditions of this small but great country, as well as about some cultural heritage that we share with the Dutch. Our little guests will make a tulip origami since tulip is a world-famous unofficial symbol of the Netherlands. 
The workshop is a part of our large educational project “Museum +”. Kids will get a cool old-style XIX century certificate with grades for each workshop they have followed. At the end of the school year, the best participants will receive valuable prizes and the title of "A Native Kemerovite". 
The workshops given to groups of children, or children and adults.
Event time
45 minutes
from 5 years
Number of persons
15-26 kids
+7 (3842) 45-46-46

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