Kitchens of the Past

We offer a fascinating excursion into the history of kitchen and household traditions. During the interactive workshop: children will touch the history with their own hands and learn how to use kitchen utensils from our collections such as samovar, various kinds of cutlery, tablecloth, washing equipment, shoulder-yoke, and a huge and heavy iron!
Children will have a funny quiz and a tea party.
The workshop is a part of our large educational project “Museum +”. Kids will get a cool old-style XIX century certificate with grades for each workshop they have followed. At the end of the school year, the best participants will receive valuable prizes and the title of "A Native Kemerovite".
The workshops given to groups of children, or children and adults.
Event time
45 minutes
from 5 years
Number of persons
15-26 kids
+7 (3842) 45-46-46

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